Getting familiar with knits :)


Here's a quick introduction into the fun and sometimes perverse world of knits.


The majority of the knits and wovens that we carry are:


  • Jersey knit (Poly Spun)- Poly, cotton or rayon spandex blends(percentage varies). Very versitile and perfect for almost any clothing item.
  • Liverpool-poly/spandex (95% 5%) blend with texture. It has a really nice stretch and drape and it’s heavy weight. Works great for tops, dresses and skirts.
  • Scuba- Poly/spandex (90%10%) with a smooth to the touch feel. Stretchy, drapey and heavyweight. Also good for tops, skirts and dresses.
  • ITY (interlock twist yarn) Poly/spandex- Super stretchy, smooth to the touch and very flowy. Light weight and perfect for tops, dressy and flowy pants.
  • Cotton lycra (percentage varies) Cotton/spandex blend- Perfect for any clothing item.
  • Poly Lycra (poly/spandex jersey; percentage varies)- Light weight, airy and smooth, this fabric perfect for tops, kimonos, skirts and flowy pants.
  • Chiffon/wool dobby (non stretch)- Flowy, light and airy perfect for tops, skirts and dresses
  • Ponte-  Poly/rayon blend, heavy weight with a great 2 way stretch and sometimes depending on the spandex percentage can be 4 way stretch. It does have a good drape. Resembles a heavy weight cotton like feel making it perfect for form fitting dresses or skirts. 
  • Mermaid scales & Swim Fabric- Holographic foil backed with nylon spandex. WARNING: Mermaid scales and any fabric with decorative foil are not recommended to be used as swim wear, the delicate holographic foil may be harmed if exposed to chemicals.